32k Sunday...

Category: Training Runs

As previously noted, this week again is breaking ground distance wise, with my first of two 32k long runs.  The weather was picture perfect — sun up, birds singing, you know how the rest goes.

This run kicked off like every other run, taking a few kilometres to warm–up.  After the typical 10k warm–up period, I would normally start to really loosen up and get into a good stride.  This long run unfortunately turned out to be quite the opposite.

From 10k onwards I was feeling this was going to be a gruelling run, and by 20k my feelings were confirmed.  There was nothing different about this long run, other than the dramatic increase in kilometres over the previous couple weeks — which in hindsight, is quite a significant change.  I'm now starting to think these kilometre increases are taking their toll!

The last 12 kilometres were nothing short of torture in the literal sense.  Everything from my calves to my glutes were burning and a sense of exhaustion ever present like never before.  Needless to say, I was quite relieved to hear my Garmin GPS beep, signalling I'd finished the 32 kilometres.

The week ahead is increasing in kilometres again, concluding in another 32k Sunday.  I believe the kilometres for the week will be totalling 72 if all are completed.  Here's hoping!


Sunday Stats:

Location: Fernleigh Track
Distance: 32.00 km
Time: 3:14:21
Avg Pace: 6:04 min/km
Elevation Gain: 170 m
Calories: 2,853 C