32k Sunday — Again...

Category: Training Runs

After the brutal experience of cracking the 30k mark last Sunday, I was a little apprehensive about how things would go today — especially since the k's during the week had also increased marginally. 

Kicked off about 8:30am on Sunday morning after a decent bowl of oats and dried fruit to help spur me along.  I was only a few k's into it, when I saw a familiar face.  Forester Spotter (aka wife of Wom Battle) was already past halfway on her return trip home.  I threw out a quick waive and asked how she was going.  She immediately responded a four letter expletive similar to "crap"...  It wasn't until a few days later speaking with Wom Battle, that I was informed she had a minor 'run–in' with a rather inconsiderate walker — which made her comment all the more funny.

Back on track again, things were progressing well through the k's.  21k came and went pretty good and I kept feeling strong right up until the 30k mark, at which point, things got really difficult again — although not as bad as last Sunday!  I finished up the final two k's keeping the same pace as all previous k's, which was the goal.

Looking forward two weeks, I will have the longest training run to date (35.5k) and the longest week for the program I'm following.  The 35.5 should be pretty good indication of how I'm going to feel for the last 7k.

On a side note:  huge credit to Womb Battle who ran the 32 @ 3:01:00 with an Avg Pace of 5:30 min/km!


Sunday Stats:

Location: Fernleigh Track
Distance: 32.00 km
Time: 3:12:43
Avg Pace: 6:01 min/km
Elevation Gain: 145 m
Calories: 2,836 C