Almost Back to Normal Training Load

Category: Training Runs

Last week I hit 60km a week again, which is almost back to where I need to be in prep for Mount Solitary 45km in April and then UTA100 in May!  I still don't know how I'm going to manage UTA100 by May but I just need to trust my training and hopefully make it through without injury.

The last 6 weeks of building 10% per week has been great.  I love being back up to a long run that is 3hrs+, it just feels so good to be out in nature for a fair time again.  It was only the last week of building I started to get some funny tingling and numbness in my foot and some minor swelling.  I'm pretty sure is just nerve damage as I've experienced the same before when my big toe when numb from nerve damage.  Thankfully, the following week was a rest week so my training load dropped from 60km to about 25km, which cleared up the tingling and minor swelling in a few days.  There's no pain or dull soreness along any of my metatarsals or anywhere in my foot so I'll see how this week of full training goes before assessing further.

The only concern I have at the moment is my dodgy knee has been a little sore from time-to-time walking up stairs once I've completely cooled down.  This has been the case since I injured it back in my early 20's and only seems to be an issue when I increase training but clears up once I plateau and get used to the new base load.  I'm hopeful this will be the case over the next few weeks so I guess I'll see.

This week should see 66km in total with 33km being a long run.  I'm back to running 5 days a week along with stair repeats as part of my new program for UTA.  Bloody stair repeats get my HR up but I do feel great for it!

I'm now just hoping and praying that if I follow the 10% increase rule along with a rest week every 4-6 weeks my body will hold up and I will be able to maintain a good base for 50km races with the occasional 100km race!