Exploring Murrays Beach & Catherine Hill Bay

Category: Training Runs

Now that I'm back in shoes I've been able to really pick up the kilometres and get out exploring rocky areas I couldn't before. Well, I could but it was slow and after about 20km I would get tired and kick the end of my toes off and that's simply not fun.

With the Rafferty's Run coming up I thought I might spend a little time exploring some of the terrain.  Previously I had only run a 10km loop here so extending that to a 25km loop seemed like a good idea.

When I kicked off at 6:30am it was only 9 degrees, which for someone who really feels the cold, it was bloody freezing!  Nevertheless I was off and running in my typical shirtless style.  To be fair I did start in a singlet but it kept riding up under my hydration pack so it got removed within the first 300m.

I started at Murrays Beach and made my way directly to the Spoon Rocks Lookout and down to the breakwall to see if I could reach the end.  Turns out it was lots of large boulders that would have taken too much time to hop across so I turned around and made my way back up to the main trail.

I worked my way along the coast as much as possible just picking up trails from on my phone.  This was largely successful until a firetrail abruptly ended and I was trudging through somewhat thick salt bush and spindly trees.  I could see on my maps a trail was meant to be about 100m through the bush so I just kept pushing.  About halfway I was thinking this was a terrible idea and I should turn around and go back.  I took a quick look at my maps and thought, bugger it, and kept pushing along.  Thankfully the trail started again where it showed on the map so I was all good again.

Next up I dropped down onto Catho Beach for a nice little sand stretch.  The Rafferty's Run will have a good stretch of sand so getting in a little sand training again seemed fitting.  It was interesting running on sand in shoes, which I have never done.  I thought they would fill up with sand quickly and be very annoying but that simply wasn't the case.  Colour me surprised!

At the end of Catho Beach I passed under the old coal loader and kept hugging the coast to Moonee Beach.  I shot out onto the sand for the final 500m before turning around at the 13km mark.  The route home I mostly followed my route out minus the cross country section.  One bush–bashing stretch was enough!

The sun was really up now and putting out some beautiful rays.  It must have been about 16ish degrees, which was perfect for running.  At the 20km mark I still felt great so I picked up my pace for the final 5km and finished strong.  26-28km next Sunday so let's see how that goes.  I'm thinking I might start at Redhead and work my way into Glenrock Lagoon.  See how we go.

Training Stats:

Distance: 25.17 km
Time: 2:33:32
Avg Pace: 6:06 min/km
Elevation Gain: 306 m
Elevation Loss: 299 m
Calories: 2,467 C