GNW - Girrakool & Mt Wondabyne

Category: Training Runs

Gearing up for GNW 100K it was time to do a little more exploration and see what I was in for!  This time I headed down to Girrakool to go visit Mt Wondabyne, the highest point on the Central Coast.


The route was 30km in total and was an out-and-back which consisted mostly of technical single trail and a little bit of fire trail.  The climb up Mt Wondabyne was very well hidden but with a bit of bush bashing and GPS I was able to find a path to the very low summit.


The loop around Piles Creek was absolutely stunning and very technical in sections.  So many stunning waterfalls to distract a tired runner, which should really help, plus there's a suspension bridge - how cool is that!


Beautiful place to run.  Definitely coming back.