GNW - Girrakool & Somersby

Category: Training Runs

This week it was back to Girrakool but striking out towards Somersby to check out the other section of GNW.  Just like last week this was incredibly beautiful but subtly different.

I first made the descent along Piles Creek and over the suspension bridge then made my way along Mooney Mooney Creek and under the Mooney Mooney bridge, which was pretty freaking awesome.  You don't realise how big that bridge is until you're underneath it!  Along this section I spotted a fawn, which was the last thing I expected.

The next section was fairly easy going before a long easy climb up into Somersby.  A section through here reminded me of Jurassic Park with all the giant plants and jungle thickness.  Super pretty right through.

Just as I turned around I ran into a couple fellas heading to Patonga.  They said "we are going to have a crack through here so hang onto us if you like!".  I kindly obliged and turned up the wick with them!  Far out these boys were moving.  Along the rocky descent we were running sub 5's, hopping rocks and pools alike, hooting and carrying on every step of the way.  It was awesome!  We arrived at the suspension bridge a couple hours later completely exhausted.  From there I shook hands and said goodbye.

The final leg for me was up the other side of Piles creek and a stop off at one more waterfall.  Totally worth it!