GNW - Patonga & Little Wobby

Category: Training Runs

Little Wobby isn't technically a part of the GNW but it is a part of the GNW 100 course so I'm including it!

This exploration started off at Patonga beach, which is the start of the race.  I followed the GNW course up the climb to Warrah Lookout and wow was it incredible.  It was then mostly fire trail until near Mt Wondabyne where I turned onto Rocky Ponds firetrail.  A few kilometres down the trail it branches off into a tight, rutted out single trail.  I'm thinking this section will be slow going around the 70km mark.

Beyond the rutted out single trail I climbed up on top and along the Midway Ridge trail and there was some more spectacular views.  The tough part here is it's a pretty overgrown trail and very slow going.  I spent most of the time hunched over for about 6km before the final descent into Little Wobby.  Ironically, the climb back up and out seemed a lot better.  Hopefully the same it true on race day, however, it will likely be dark on the way out!