GNW Wakefield to Hinton Lookout

Category: Training Runs

Since I signed up for GNW50K my coach thought I'd better spend some time out on the course and I couldn't be happier as I had been itching to check out some of the GNW.  Now with Raffertys out of the way it was time for some new exploration.  The first leg I was to explore was from Wakefield Rural Fire Service through to Heaton Lookout and back again.  Should be around 27k in total with plenty of elevation.

I arrived at Wakefield RFS just before 7am and bloody hell it was 1.5 degrees and howling wind.  While I was pumped to get out there I was bloody freezing!  In any case I threw on my pack and headed into the bush.  The first few kilometres from Wakefield was a little boring but once it started winding up Mount Sugarloaf things got much more interesting.  Working my way along the ridgeline was stunning as I got glimpses through the trees in both the north and south directions.

About 9km in I arrived at Heaton Gap servo where I got chatting to a few runners about to head up to the lookout.   I made my way across the road and started the hiking ascent for the next 1.5km.  It was a pretty slow ascent due to too many photo opportunities!  At the top I picked up the pace again and kept pressing on.

A little stretch up the road I saw the radio tower I was told not to stop at so again I kept going.  It wasn't long after I reached Heaton Lookout and man was it superb.  The view was exceptional.  I will definitely be spending more time out this way.

Before making my way home I took a look at the GNW sign for the start of the Jungle.  It looked rather ominous so I can't wait to check out that leg next week!

Training Stats:

Distance: 27 km
Time: 3:01:17
Avg Pace: 6:43 min/km
Elevation Gain: 1,034 m
Calories: 2,652 C