Jabulani Challenge 45km Fail

Category: Trail Events

The last few training days before Jabulani I started with a niggle in my left calf.  It felt like the kind of niggle that will go away once warmed up but as it turns out,  I was wrong.

I started the race with the best intentions but after the first 5km I knew things weren't going to play out well.  The niggle was slowly getting painful and a bit pinchy so I decided I would DNF at the 11km aid station.  By 9km the pinch got to the point I couldn't run so I hobbled in the last couple kilometres to the aid station.

Sitting at the aid station I felt pretty depressed.  Things were going so well but hey, nothing I could do now so just try get to the finish to cheer my friends over the line.

Thankfully I made it to the finish just in time to see a couple of my friends finish in great times.  Also got to catch up with a couple other awesome running friends, which was great.

Off to the physio to find out what's going on.