Stress Fracture Recovery - Week 4


With 8.5km of walking under my belt I was feeling confident of increasing my distance a little further this week.  In the very least I'm just really happy to be moving again.  The plan for this week was to get through about 15km building up 500m per walk until I reached a 4.5k walk on Saturday.

Tuesday kicked off with a 3km walk that went well.  My foot was still feeling weird but no pain so I think this is going to be the normal for a while.  I have been getting some shooting pain up the inside of my first metatarsal but I think this is only because I haven't been loading up my foot correctly.  The pain doesn't hang around so I'm going to keep going.

Wednesday saw a step up to 3.5km which was great.  Still feel so weird but really nice to walk pain free.

Thursday I had a rest day.

Friday morning I stepped up to 4km.  Starting to get out onto the Lakeview Parkrun which is a really pretty part of the lake.  Still feeling good.

Woke up Saturday morning feeling mostly good but a tiny bit of tenderness in my foot had me a little concerned.  I thought I would head out with my plan of 4.5km but I could always turn around early if required.  Thankfully I got it done without any pain and mostly just rested the day away.  Sunday I decided it was best to take it easy again and just chill.  Feeling good again so must have just been a little soreness from walking again.

I totalled 15km of pain–free walking for the week so I'm calling that a success.  Next week I get to start 100m intervals in my walks if I pass the "one footed hop test".  Here's hoping!  I'm a little scared to start running again but my desire to run far outweighs any fear!