Stress Fracture Recovery - Week 5


The time has finally come for the hop test and hopefully run short intervals during a walk which would be a massive blessing.  I wasn't bold enough to launch straight into a one–footed hop so I instead did a couple quick calf raises.  That felt fine so I stepped up to one–footed calf raises.  That also felt fine.  Next up I did a two–footed hop and that felt OK but weird.  Lastly, I went for the one–footed hop and much to my delight was able to do it pain free!!!  This means I can run this week!!!

Tuesday morning I launched out of bed and off to the gym to smash out a set before my 5km walk with 5 * 100m intervals.  I eagerly walked the 900m before very timidly running the last 100m for the kilometre.  Man it felt so good and so weird at the same time.  My foot felt like a total alien on the end of my leg.  It was a cold morning so my feet were a bit numb but this was just a feeling I couldn't explain.  No pain, though, so it was time to keep going.

I repeated the intervals for the rest of the 5km and still felt fine by the end.  Actually I felt a little better by the end but that could all just be in my head.  See what tomorrow brings, I thought.

Wednesday I upped the ante to 200m intervals.  Again this felt super weird but by the end I was feeling better so this seems like good progress.

Thursday was a rest day but I did notice I was walking more relaxed and not thinking about it so much.  This is definitely a good step.

Friday upped it again to 300m intervals.  Now I was feeling like I was running enough distance to get a better feel.  I'm still running timid at around 7min per/km but feeling great.  The weirdness is starting to fade a little.

Saturday was 400m!  One whole lap of an oval!  Boy, this was exciting times for sure.  I'm just super happy to have made it through with what feels like success.  Next week I will work my way up to 800m intervals so let's see how that goes.

I totalled 20km for the week with 5km of that running.  The good times are returning!