Stress Fracture Recovery - Week 6


With the success of last week I was keen to keep picking up the metres but of course, still play it safe.  The inside of my foot had been sore but I think that's mainly due to overcompensating and nothing to do with the recovering fracture.

Tuesday I kicked off with another 5km walk but this time I was able to run 500m each kilometre.  The feeling in my foot was good albeit still a little funny but no pain.  I made it through without issue so happy days.

Wednesday stepped up to 600m per kilometre and again felt great.  I was a little sore that night but more paranoid tests pointed to muscle soreness not the recovering fracture.

Friday morning I reaching a final morning of 700m per kilometre and felt a little better than the previous day.  I think things are really heading the right direction.

I'm spending the weekend up on the Gold Coast with my brother so there will be lots of walking and plenty of recovery.  Next week I should finally reach a full 5km run by Friday!