Stress Fracture Recovery - Weeks 1 & 2


I'm now two weeks into my own little hostage crisis—me being the hostage that is!  I was under very strict instructions from my physio to do the least amount of steps as possible or I'm in a moon boot or crutches, which I wasn't keen on so minimal steps it was.

The first weekend was OK.  I managed to give the PS4 a good workout as well as few beers—strictly for medicinal purposes.  This seemed to work out OK.  As much as I was pining to go for a run it was also nice to have the forced break.

By the following week I was starting to get pretty stir crazy so I was already concerned for how the weekend was going to play out.  Thankfully a couple mates offered to pop over for cigars and a good chat so that took care of Saturday.  Sunday I visited my church twice and did a little bit around the house, which was enough to get me through.

At the end of two week's rest my foot is feeling much better but I'm still quite timid with walking.  Hard to tell if this is in my head or not...