Winery Running Festival 10k

Category: Road Events
I wouldn't normally do a 10k event but given lots of people from my company's run club were going in it I thought I'd best get involved and have a fun day.  So on with the event!
Phil and I arrived at Mercure Hunter Valley about 10 minutes late, much to the rest of our team's disapproval!  After throwing out a few excuses we all got in our race gear and headed for the start line.  At the start line there were some nerves about who was going to run the whole way and how the big hill was going to go.  Naturally, Melissa, our team photographer had us all lined up for photos—Melissa, our resident ultra marathon runner couldn't run due to injury.  After a quick runner's briefing the start gun fired and we were off and racing!
The first few kilometres we were all pretty close together but nearing the hill at Audrey Wilkinson the group started to separate.  Troy took the lead, Kat and Kay followed and then Julie and Phil were at the tail.  I waited at the bottom of the hill until I saw Melissa waiting at the top to take photos.  I ran up and stood with her as the rest of our team made their way up the hill.
Once Julie and Phil were up the top I took off after Kat and Kay to see how they were going.  I caught up to them a couple kilometres down the track.  They were pacing really well and keeping a good time.  It was now time to catch up to Troy, our leader and see how he was going.

It took a good sprint to catch up to Troy, he was keeping a pretty steady pace of about 6:30 per kilometre.  He forgot his running watch so I thought I'd help him out by pacing him home for the last few kilometres.
Once Troy finished I waited for Kat and Kay to make their big finish, which was only a few minutes later.  Knowing Phil and Julie were walking for a bit I decided to head back up the track and find them.  Making my way back along the track the number of puzzled runners was really funny.  They all looked at me like, why is this guy going the wrong way?  It was quite funny.
At the top of the final hill I found Julie and Phil.  They were both going really well for never having run 10k.  Julie put in a big finish and Phil and I chose to cruise over the line in style.  Now with everyone finished it was time to head back to the Mercure for post race drinks and a good dose of carbs!
What a great day.  Everyone had a great time and of course, we all looked awesome in our team singlets and hats—thanks Kat!  And a massive thanks to Kay and Paul for the post run drinks and food.  Now that everyone's run a 10k event it might be time to consider a half marathon!  Or not...